Quick Thought #1 : Control things with your mind?

I was thinking about how it could possible to do actions by just thinking about it.

I mean when I enjoy those superhero/sci-fi comics or movies or TV shows or games, I feel like I would always encounter at least one character that can seemingly control technology with his mind like how Ironman could control his suit, from his repulsor rays to his jetpack capabilities. He seems to be able to do this without pressing buttons or even speaking and I wonder if the technology to control, let’s say, a robotic arm, with my mind is still far of into the future. I may be wrong of how Ironman uses his suit, but the point still stands.

I imagine that the closest we have now of actual mind-reading is those brain scans doctors use in order to detect brain activity. I always see them in movies as colorful blobs that flow around the brain like some cerebral fluid, and I understand that there are patterns that can be seen from these scans depending on a person’s mood, or something of the like. I honestly have not actually read about this yet, so I do not know how it actually works and all, but if our thoughts and feelings DO affect the patterns that appear on the doctor’s screen, what if a person can be TRAINED to project a certain pattern on his brain?

And the appearance of this specific pattern, for example, a circle pattern (if it could be this simple) , could be detected by computers (and we know how small computers can come nowadays, e.g. our smart phones) and then trigger to activate some sort of Ironman Repulsor Ray shooting from the hand of your robotic suit. Or switch on your jetpack. Or the wi-fi.

Anyway, if all the equipment can be made portable, and if someone can actually be trained to control his brain patterns, I think controlling things with your mind could be possible without having to stick something up your brain. Unfortunately though this is only to turn things on or off, not like the”move 5 steps” kind of thing. Its still pretty cool though.