Thought Relief is a simple blog about the things that bother me, as said by the tagline under my title. The topics that I think will be covered in this blog may range from the philosophical to the practical, which means that these are just some random stray thoughts bursting out of my head while I live my life. Thought Relief, for me, is just about pure untampered thoughts, meaning  that the thoughts here are all mine, if ever I author all the posts, and are not some other blogger’s thoughts and ideas unless stated otherwise (although technically the thoughts in anyone’s head now can never be truly pure and unhampered from other influences). I hope anyone who gets to read my thoughts enjoys reading (and maybe commenting?) as much as I enjoyed writing and relieving my mind.

I hope it is clear to everyone who reads this that I do not have any credentials that would support some truth on all my thoughts here, so if some student there wants to cite me in there research paper, please don’t. I won’t get mad at you or anything, but I just don’t want people thinking I’m an actual expert in ANY field.

Enjoy reading!


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